The devices in the vibrating technology are not exclusively standardized. Much more we offer generally application-optimized solutions, which are specially customized designed.

This requires necessary functions and services, which must be effective in cooperation.

Consultancy / Dimensional measurement

In order to make later choice of best kind of vibrating equip- ment more constructive and easier, prior counsel negotiations and measure-taking at site are strictly recommended.

For this we are gladly at your disposal.

Project planning

Consolidated assessment for the correct selection of optimal equipment often affords planning steps based on the custo- mer tasks. During these planning steps installation environ- ments with possible projecting edges will be considered.


For the design of vibrating equipment a high level of experi- ence is necessary. After all, the required bending alternate strength requires unique design-principles at different drive frequencies having no antitype anywhere else.


The operational safety of our vibrating equipment is based on a design focusing on the highest possible respective neces- sary stiffness. In the manufacturing this principle becomes physical. The heart of this manufacturing are the competent welding-technology-educated employees.

Quality monitoring

We convince our customer by uncompromised quality stan- dards. That starts at the supply of faultless materials en- sured by general goods inwards inspections and does not end in the proofing of all appliance dimensions and the correct execution of the welds.

Test run

Each single vibrating feeder and screening machine gets proofed by an extensive test run. If requested in the pres- ence of the customer. The test report displays the most im- portant parameters that represent proper vibrating charac- teristics of the equipment.

Control technology

Complete automation solutions: Beginning with the consul- tancy regarding conception and system specification up to the project management and start-up - also the connecting into the customerĀ“s process control system - we offer ev- erything from one source.


Should the assembly be implemented by our qualified specia- list personnel or is it sufficient to give a technical supervision during start-up? You choose the level of the necessary sup- port in all phases of your plant construction.


is written with a capital S in our company!

The Service for producing companies, whose plants are

currently operated worldwide, does not only consist of the pro- curement of spare parts, but also from the fast-reacting actions to prevent largely production standstills.